I own a business in Swansea and an employee of mine for over 2 years went on the sick claiming statutory sick pay of me for 28 weeks. Reasons for absence vary from sick note to sick note. Since her ssp ended she has been claiming ESA from DWP. We cannot dismiss her as she would take us to an industrial tribunal. She claims she uses a stick. She looks after her grandchildren most days she has been seen pushing a pram, bending freely, she has been seen carrying a grandchild in the park she is very active. She has also been seen on numerous occasions working in a convenience store serving behind the counter whilst claiming ESA. it wouldn't surprise me if she also works elsewhere as she has been an 'off the books' cleaner previously. I was just wondering what would the cost be for gathering evidence about her being active and working cash in hand elsewhere whilst scrounging sick money. She is 48 years old she is robbing the state when then is nothing wrong with her capability to work. Thank you

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15 Aug, 2020
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