Surelock Global Investigators

The experience and expertise you'll find under the Surelock umbrella is second to none. Founded by highly commended former senior Metropolitan Police officer Roy Herridge QPM, Surelock's directors, consultants and operatives are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including the police, fire service, military and private and public sector. We also have a number of retired senior Scotland Yard detectives who have been involved in complex and high level investigations over the course of many years. This pooling of talent and experience puts Surelock in a very unique position.

Having carried out investigations throughout Europe, Turkey, Japan, South Korea and China, we've developed a worldwide network of intelligence, which is regularly updated from our many sources. We've also been involved in a number of high profile investigations into sports, fraud, violence, substance abuse, insurance and IP fraud and are used to working under the spot light of intense media attention.