Legal & Domestic Investigation Services

If somebody came to your door and provided you with credible identification, you would quite naturally believe that he/she was genuine. If you met somebody socially and they told you they had never been married, you would again quite naturally believe them. The list of scenarios where it is 'natural' to trust is endless. We all want to believe in an honest and moral existence but quite often, our lives are eventually shattered when the 'truth' is discovered.

Since 1992, we have been engaged in the detection of almost every combination of deceit and dishonesty. We have seen the slightest concern of a spouse turn into the uncovering of a 7 year affair and the character references of a manager into the uncovering of forgeries. We have seen a sales director of a large company siphoning off clients into his own newly formed business and we have seen elaborate thefts of stock from both small and corporate businesses. After 19 years in this industry, we take nothing at Face Value.