1st Call Detectives

We know that in all sorts of situations, uncertainty can be crippling. Do you believe that your partner is being dishonest about dating someone else? Or are you paralysed with worry about a child who's fallen out of contact? Or is a colleague's erratic behaviour causing you concern? In any of these situations, taking action with a firm foundation of evidence could be highly damaging to your relationships or professional circumstances. By providing you with a solid and irrefutable body of evidence, we can either prove or disprove your suspicions and empower you to take the best course of action.

We can support you in a wide range of circumstances, from including matrimonial investigation, corporate investigation, skip tracing, asset location and background checks. Our detectives understand that many people who come to us are often already in difficult and emotionally draining situations, so our detectives will be sensitive and discrete in their dealings with clients.